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Gary Boyd is an artist based in Northern Ireland who specialises in illustration, animation and fine art painting. Gary has worked with clients such as Shutterstock as an Illustration Reviewer, produced animated content for BBC Earth Lab and illustrated various books for children/charities across the UK and Ireland.



Recent Publications

2020 'Positive Baby Affirmations'  Illustrator  (+Baby & Beyond)

2019 'Kuddles: Goodbye Red Dinosaur'  Illustrator  (EMAIN Publications)

2018 'Kuddles And Friends Go On An Adventure'  Illustrator  (EMAIN Publications)


Group Exhibitions

2017 Stendhal Festival of Art, Northern Ireland

2016 Stendhal Festival of Art, Northern Ireland

2011 Roe Valley Arts and Cultural Centre, Northern Ireland 

2008 New Designers, London, England